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Jason Ladanye offers piano, guitar and harmonica lessons to students of all ages. Specializing in music theory, sight reading, songwriting, ear training, and soloing concepts, Jason can teach you any style of music - from blues, jazz, and funk, to metal, rock, and classical.  

Teaching music lessons professionally for 14 years, he understands that every student is unique, and tailors his teaching to fit the needs of each individual student. Often, other teachers use a "one-size-fits-all" approach, teaching all students out of the same manuals. Jason does not teach out of “Beginner Book 1”  books - he teaches comprehension of concepts. When the student understands why they are practicing an exercise, they learn better. Finding the right teacher is important - Jason suggests taking a single lesson with him to better understand his teaching methods and see if they are right for you.

Jason instructs more than 65 students a week from a beautiful, spacious studio in Albany’s Pine Hills Neighborhood. 30 or 60 minute lesson are available.

Call or email for references, scheduling and pricing.  
Jason Ladanye
(518) 527-3973

"Jason has been my son's piano, and now guitar, instructor for over the past six years.  Christian has truly blossomed creatively and technically under Jason's strong sense of accountability and unwavering creative support. 

Jason allows his students to be themselves and work on pieces that interest and inspire them.  The sign of a great teacher is one who allows their students to be motivated, disciplined, and, at some point, self correcting with their own work. 

Christian's true passion in life is his music and I attribute that to Jason's guidance and support.  Jason is a special teacher and an inspiration to Christian.”
-Rico Freese

“My daughter really enjoys her lessons with Jason, and he keeps her learning more every week.  He instills an ethic of practice and dedication while maintaining a light touch and a friendly supportive atmosphere.  His own impressive musical skills and knowledge are evident, and his teaching style gets all that across -- so Jason serves as a great musical role model, patient but persistent and always aimed at improvement.”
-Steve Krantz

"Our son Gabe started to play music when he was 4 and nothing really clicked until we found Jason, and for the last 6 years, Jason’s enthusiasm and passion for his music have exactly matched Gabe’s!  We just can’t say enough about how Jason has contributed to Gabe’s music education in theory, improvisation, creativity and the pursuit of technical mastery of guitar and keyboard." 
-Rachelle Smith-Stallman and Larry Stallman

"Jason is a fabulous guitar teacher. He is an extremely talented musician, teacher and performer who has a genuine interest in the success of his students. Jason understands the strengths of his students as well as their musical preferences. Our son has come a long way musically thanks to Jason's teaching style."
-Michele and Patrick Rooney

“Jason has not only greatly improved my daughter's piano skills, but he has managed to rekindle her enthusiasm for playing. Her progress has been truly impressive”
-Sarah Firisen